CCS Graduate Student Amir Khalighi Wins Best Poster Award at Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference

CCS graduate student Amir Khalighi was awarded the Best Poster prize at the 2016 Frontiers in Medical Devices conference held at the University of Maryland May 23-25.

Amir's poster, "A Multi-resolution Analysis of the Mitral Valve Geometry for the Dvelopment of Personalized Models," was the product of research at the CCS, and its contributors were Amir Khalighi, Dr. Andrew Drach (CCS), Dr. Ajit Yoganathan (Georgia Tech), Dr. Robert Gorman (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Joseph Gorman (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Michael Sacks (CCS).

This conference was sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).